franklin tennessee family photography | Thankful for…OUR family

Being that Thanksgiving is tomorrow and it’s a great time of the year to slow down, focus on family, and focus on what’s important, I wanted to share photos from OUR family session this Fall. I am eternally grateful to my good friend & talented photographer Melissa Dudek for her willingness to capture our crazy family and what she was able to achieve with a less than willing two year old.  (and I can’t wait to edit my favorites from my session with HER family to show!) Being the photographer in the family, I’m so thankful to have photos with me in them with my boys, even though of course I wish I had lost 20 more pounds before our session, picked a different sweater, and all those other things women are totally critical of.  But that’s okay.  Because this is my family and we are here. Together. In pictures. 

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