franklin tn child photographer | photo-a-day | days 13-25

I’m not going to pretend this project is easy.  In fact, it’s turning out to be one of the hardest things I’ve done.  It didn’t help that I was out of town on a business trip to Atlanta last week and getting caught up with work and household things left little time for dealing with this.  I almost quit yesterday.  Honestly, I hadn’t picked my camera up more than a couple times since I’d been home and I was already so behind.  My husband reminded me what the end of the year would look like… his entire year in one gorgeous book.  I want that for our son and for our memories.  Even if I did have to struggle a bit this month and make up a few days here and there.  I realized that I’d rather have to do that, than quit the entire thing.  So this is a bit of a catch up…  still a few days behind in blogging, but I hope to blog less all at once next time.

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