Franklin TN family photographer | Gorgeous Family, Gorgeous Light

Oh how I love this little family!

Brandy contacted me months ago and said she’d been following my work from Kentucky for awhile and wanted to drive down to Franklin, make a weekend out of it, and have a session with me! I was so honored to finally meet them and hang out for awhile (before both kids were completely tired of me, as you will see at the end).  I was a little nervous as we began our session because they told me the youngest hadn’t taken her nap that day and was exhausted, and the oldest absolutely hated having her photo taken.  Both statements were completely true, but I think we worked it out and I became their buddy after all.  Thank you for choosing to drive all the way down to see me!

I always love the first few photos I snap because I tell them I’m just checking out some settings and the light, when really I get a chance to see them just be themselves and warm up a bit.

Some of my favorites! How sweet are they? A rare moment of parents…alone. Oh wait…just kidding! Brandy had this idea for an image, taken yearly, and I have to say – it was brilliant and I loved it! All this photo shoot stuff is some hard work sister!

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