franklin, tn newborn photography | Baby Beckett

I tried to cut this down, ya’ll.  I REALLY tried.

But this little man is as close to “my own” as any child that is NOT mine can be and I just couldn’t stop staring at him or his gorgeous mama and siblings who I have come to love with all of my heart since our friendship began years ago.  I know I should be blogging his birth first, but that takes more time (I know, can you imagine that?!) than this and since I just finished both I had to get something up right away and these images are just making my day.  Little Beckett was happy as a clam for his session and his mama and & I tagged teamed his older brother and sister with bribes and pleads to do this for us.  I think it was worth it. 😉

I greatly apologize for any baby fever this post might cause…  I was not forewarned either…

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