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Gone for only a few days, but that’s how I returned from my short trip to Ohio. I left last week, needing so badly to get away.  Get away from nothing in particular & everything at the same time. The mundane of life I suppose. The usual trials all moms face, all friends face, all wives face. All business owners face. To say life does not get stressful would be a lie.  So I won’t. It does, and a trip for yourself helps.

I got to spend quality time with a dear friend, enjoy some amazing vegan food, some shopping, and see one of my favorite people of all time; Jewel.

I will come back and share photos of Jewel, but for now I wanted to share the glimpse of inspiration I photographed in a matter of seconds yesterday while at my parents’ farm. It’s like he knew I needed those soft favorite colors of mine as we wait for Winter to slowly drag away and leave Spring for us instead.

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