How it works
Step 1. Contact me above to reserve your session & receive your welcome and planning information.

Step 2. We’ll plan your wardrobe together either a few weeks before your session(s) or just before your session begins.
The studio is filled with clothing for you and your babies/children, so you don’t need to shop unless you want to!

Step 3. Photo day! We’ll meet in the studio or field (see below for details) to create your portraits.
I’ll ask you to snuggle and play with your babies and simply love on your family.

Step 4. Come back to see your portraits, holding your printed proofs in your hand while looking at heirloom artwork offered.
Together we’ll make decisions about the artwork that is perfect for your home
(albums, framed fine art prints, and yes, digital files).

Step 5. Enjoy your gorgeous family on your walls or in your albums every day.
01. studio (maternity | newborn | baby/child)

The studio is filled with beautiful pastels, textures, neutrals in newborn wraps, as well as a full collection of high end & organic baby clothing and maternity & mama clothing all available for use during your sessions. From consultation & planning meetings, to your indoor sessions (field sessions also available), and finally to our design appointment together the studio is the perfect place for a luxurious experience from start to finish.
02. field (maternity | baby/child | family)

Located near the studio, and beautiful every season throughout the year, outdoor sessions are always held in the last moments of golden sun soaked evenings. Field sessions are beautifully bright and green during the Spring & Summer months and rich, golden, and natural during the late Fall & Winter months.