The absence of loudness in my work allows for the tender emotion to be heard instead.
about jenny & her work

 Jenny Cruger established the simple. pure. organic. brand of motherhood photography, creating the idea of organic portraits for maternity, newborn, baby, and family sessions beginning in 2010, and went on to train top photographers across the country, including those in Texas, California, Atlanta and beyond, in creating a complete experience for clients from the beginning with planning sessions, studio wardrobes, and intimate moments between moms, dads, and their tiniest loves to ending with luxury heirloom artwork in their homes. Since establishing her brand & training similar photographers across the United States, Jenny has been featured in various print magazines and online press features here and is a member of the prestigious CLICK PRO.


Keeping my palette one of beautiful light, simple items, neutral & calming tones, and filled with layers of
texture & emotion all helps to create the imagery I am drawn to for your art.  The absence of loudness in my work allows for the tender emotion to be heard instead.

Being a professional photographer, I have the luxury of taking many photos of my own babies and the people I love, however one image always calls to me, and that is because it is the one image I cannot take for myself…photographs of mamas and their babies.

You need photographs with your babies, whether your baby is 6 days old, 6 months old, or 6 years old. Your babies need to see the image of that fierce love and emotion only a parent feels, frozen in time and preserved forever on something you can hold in your hands.

A session with me is not just to share for a day on Facebook, but a way to keep them ‘this little’ and in your arms forever.
At least in photographs.



– I am inspired by luxurious textures, soft colors, gorgeous light & real emotion
– I buy lots of books and rarely finish them
– I would live on (veggie!) sushi
– I believe in fairness & equality
– I love to cook & bake, but hate the clean up
– I pretty much always have an iced tea (but must have a straw) in hand
– I still desperately miss “Friends” being on TV and laugh hysterically at reruns I’ve seen a million times
– I am married to my high school sweetheart
– My New Year’s resolution last year was to not go to Anthropologie for a whole month. And yes, I was there on February 1st.
– I prefer quality over quantity. Unless it comes to Starbucks.  Then quality AND quantity, please.
– I would adopt every dog that needs a home if I could

I live just South of Nashville in historic Franklin, Tennessee with my husband and our two children, Lucas (8) and Annie (3) & rescue dogs. In November of 2015, among my busiest & most successful season yet, I lost my dad in a car accident in Thompson’s Station, so my mom now lives with us as well. I understand the meaning of photographs you can’t take or moments you can’t get back.  My youngest saw her Papa almost every single day and I don’t have a single photo of them aside from the week she was born.  I learned a hard lesson and for this reason, if you bring me your child’s grandparent, you can bet I will all but force them into at least one photograph with them.

I would love to meet your family! Motherhood is a wild, beautiful, hard, and amazing ride and showing my clients the simple beauty in it brings me so much happiness.

Thinking about traveling to TN for a session? Many clients visit from out of state, and I would love to help plan your trip to see me. Also available for travel out of state.


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