what’s simple is true
– jewel

KEEPING MY PALETTE ONE OF beautiful light, simple items, neutral & calming tones, and filled with
layers of texture & emotion all helps to create the imagery I am drawn to for your art.  The absence of loudness in
my work allows for the tender emotion to be heard instead.

You need photographs with your babies, whether your baby is 6 days old, 6 months old, or 6 years old.
Your babies need to see the image of that fierce love and emotion only a parent feels, frozen in time and preserved forever on something you can hold in your hands.
A session with me is not just to share for a day on Facebook, but a way to keep them ‘this little’ and in your arms forever.


LET’S BEGIN planning your organic, heirloom portraits today…
Receive your full product guide, exclusive planning book, and other gifts in the
mail from me & begin shopping the studio wardrobe to prepare for your portraits.


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“Jenny Cruger is an amazingly talented photographer. Her photography style and taste is flawless. We have traveled to Nashville from Chicago twice now to have her take photographs of our son and the end results always blow me away. ”


“Her photography is magical.  She has the amazing ability to capture the best moments without you knowing.  She puts you at ease in front of the camera, allowing you to give your true self to the photo, not an awkward pose.  I love that her photography is real and honest — simple truth and love emits from the image. ”


“You truly have a beautiful and precious gift. I am so thankful and feel blessed to have had YOU capture these precious moments in my life. You made me feel beautiful and comfortable and I am so thankful.”