nashville birth photography | beckett’s full birth

I posted a couple quick images from the sweetest birth session here and finally had a bit of time carved out to sit down and blog some of my other favorites.  Like this sweet guy’s newborn session here, I tried to hold back, but I just couldn’t.  Sorry for the overload. 😉

When Melissa first told me she was pregnant last October (we were actually on our way to shoot a wedding!) she knew she would be having her third C-Section and that we were going to try to get me in there.  Unfortunately at the last minute that didn’t happen, but I am so in love with what I DID get to capture on this day a few weeks ago.  I am lucky that I literally walk away from every shoot and think or say, “gosh I could shoot this over and over and be so happy”.  Beckett’s birth was no different and even though I spent 3 hours in traffic and about 7 at the hospital, I would do it every single day to capture moments like these.  I can also tell you that I will never have another baby without his or her birth being photographed.

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