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Let me tell you a little story about this day.  Melissa and I had been planning for me to attend sweet Beckett’s birth since the week she found out she was pregnant with him.  Apparently, though, we failed to tell our husbands this information.  Specifically HER husband.  So a few weeks ago while out on a double date together, her poor husband was informed that I would be tagging along as well. After he, jokingly I found out later by his phone call to me in the car on the ride home, gave me some grief about it, it was settled and I would capture this amazing day for one of my greatest friends ever.

We knew there was a good chance I would not be allowed in the operating room to capture his first few beautiful moments in this world, but I can tell you from some very full memory cards, all was not lost, and the precious hours after his birth have brought me to tears reliving that time for her, and also my own son’s birth years ago.  As a photographer I capture a lot of special moments, whether it be a tiny newborn or a first kiss as husband and wife, but there is truly nothing like the first day of someone’s life and their time with their mama.

MUCH more to come at a later date.  Until then, welcome to the world baby Beckett. You are so loved.

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