nashville child photographer . the best boy

This boy.  He has my heart. My whole heart.

When we found out we were really going to have another baby, which was questionable if it would even be possible again, of course having a boy already, the first questions were all about what we wanted this time, what we thought it would be, etc.  I really didn’t know.   And to be honest, it truly didn’t even matter.

As time got closer for us to find out, I really thought about how I would feel with either.

Selfishly, I wanted a girl.

Not for the reasons you might think. You will probably never see our daughter with a bow in her hair or a pink and purple dress.  In fact, we’ve started on the nursery and everything (crib, bedding, decor) I’ve purchased so far, I would have also purchased for a boy.

I wanted a girl because I already have the best boy in the entire world.  How could another compare? The mom guilt is far less already with a girl.

Like all mothers do, I’m sure, I tell this boy he’s my “best boy in the whole wide world” all the time.  I don’t have to take that away from him; he doesn’t have to share my “boy love”.  Truth be told, I LOVE being a boy mom, and another one would have been great, and for his benefit a best buddy right in his own house.

But I think he is going to make a fabulous big brother to a little sister. And we’re thrilled to experience ‘one of each’, and have our best boy AND best girl.  Annie Pearl will be joining our family sometime in March and I could not be more excited to share photographs of my favorite girl and favorite boy in the whole world with you all. xo

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