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Another edition of what _______ looks like has arrived, which means it’s time to share a little of my personal life.  Which, outside of work, consists mainly of this sweet (mostly!) guy.

Every day I am finding my baby is turning more and more into such a boy.  He does boy stuff. He plays these games I would never even imagine. Every once in a while he calls me “mom” instead of “mommy” or “mama”. What’s up with that, anyway?!  It breaks my heart and puts a smile on my face, all that the same time.

To make me even more aware of his growing self, he actually wanted to come out and location scout with me and take photos.  Then he actually followed directions (‘can you stand here for mommy?’, ‘okay stay right there and show me a sweet smile’) which NEVER happens.  (Nope, it’s not just your child! ha)

 Head over to Kara May Photography to see her personal photos this month and make your way around the circle – we have such an amazing group of photographers!


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