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Last week I sat down for tea with a new friend who is working on her photography brand and her new business.  It is always one of my favorite perks of my career to talk shop with others, whether it be a quick coffee meeting, mentoring, or workshops, and one of the things we discussed at length was the term, ‘specializing’.  In this industry that often means shooting only one genre of photography. Like many industries and small businesses have proven, specializing is

I even highly recommend it when the conversation comes up.

But I just…can’t.

(If you want to see why without reading the rest of this blog post, skip down to the photographs.)

Though, in a way, if you look at the VAST variety of photography that is truly out there, I am somewhat specialized.  I do not photograph commercial, fashion, fine art, head shots, etc.  I am approached, and it gets turned down. I like to think I am specialized in other ways. Specializing does not just equal who your subject is.  Ways that can combine shooting a wedding one weekend, and a newborn the next. Throw in some gorgeous light in my field and loving family in between, and that’s my life.  While certainly different shoots, I approach them all from the same place.  As the same artist. The reason I am happy shooting a dad seeing his daughter for the first time on her wedding day, a new mama snuggling with her 10 day old baby, or a family wrapped in hugs together is because that IS specialized in the same thing.  The same emotion that calls to me.  Add in the lighting I love, and tones I love, and there you have it.

And you know what? EVERY. SINGLE. SHOOT. that I take on, I do so because it makes me happy.   I have had so many clients ask, during their shoot, “Jenny, what’s your favorite thing to shoot?” And I am never more truthful when I answer with, “this”.  Because I couldn’t imagine NOT shooting that.

If I “specialized”, I wouldn’t have opportunities like this.

Their wedding.

Her belly.

Their baby.

indie nashville wedding

franklin maternity

nashville newborn photography

And I am so looking forward to seeing that sweet baby at 6 months.


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  • KristeenMarie - Well said! 🙂ReplyCancel

  • rachael myers - To me, and probably anyone else who enjoys seeing your work, it’s specialized. The look you have created for you brand is YOU. Whenever I think of light neutral tones, I think of you. I don’t even “know” you – and I think of you! You have a consistent look and to me, that’s so much more important than any labeling of a specialization. By turning down work that wouldn’t be of interest to you, that means you don’t “do everything” so I think that means you specialize. And art is art – who’s to say what’s right or not. You have a beautiful way with the images you create, and I always enjoy seeing it – be it maternity, newborn, wedding – it’s all gorgeous and it’s all YOU.ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Thank you!
    Rachael – you’re too sweet! I totally agree and think the same (well, I don’t give myself all those compliments you have! ha)ReplyCancel