Nashville Lifestyle Photographer | A Day In My Life

I think I’ve been trying to accomplish this personal project for nearly a year now… Every night I go to sleep and think to myself, ‘I am going to get up tomorrow and take photos of our entire day’.

And then my son wakes up whining, crying, or calling for me and I stumble to his room, camera free.  I knew I wanted to start with an image of him just waking up, so yesterday I made sure I was ready.

He was not.  As you can see by the photo I shot as I walked into his room, he was not quite as on board with this project like I was.

The basic outline of our day consisted of some juice, making breakfast together, eating a billion meals a day (because he is little, I offer him food all. the. time.), a trip to Whole Foods for groceries (in which we ran into my mom and the kids she nannies for in the parking lot and shopped with!), making some lunch, getting packages (TOMS for him, a client album for me), a nap (for him, I worked), the requisite after nap hold me and don’t put me down, the demand for mac and cheese after nap which turned into somewhat of a dinner, snacks shared w/ daddy, bath time, and then my absolute favorite part of these.  I handed my camera over to my husband and had him document our bedtime routine.


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