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I think I’ve been trying to accomplish this personal project for nearly a year now… Every night I go to sleep and think to myself, ‘I am going to get up tomorrow and take photos of our entire day’.

And then my son wakes up whining, crying, or calling for me and I stumble to his room, camera free.  I knew I wanted to start with an image of him just waking up, so yesterday I made sure I was ready.

He was not.  As you can see by the photo I shot as I walked into his room, he was not quite as on board with this project like I was.

The basic outline of our day consisted of some juice, making breakfast together, eating a billion meals a day (because he is little, I offer him food all. the. time.), a trip to Whole Foods for groceries (in which we ran into my mom and the kids she nannies for in the parking lot and shopped with!), making some lunch, getting packages (TOMS for him, a client album for me), a nap (for him, I worked), the requisite after nap hold me and don’t put me down, the demand for mac and cheese after nap which turned into somewhat of a dinner, snacks shared w/ daddy, bath time, and then my absolute favorite part of these.  I handed my camera over to my husband and had him document our bedtime routine.


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  • Kat - Cute, but what’s wrong with his face?ReplyCancel

  • Chelsey Somohano - I love this, Jenny!! Such wonderful story telling 🙂ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Nothing is “wrong” with his face. He used to have eczema pretty badly and if he ever gets a flare up again and it starts to heal, he picks at it when he’s sleeping and it’s a vicious cycle of healing and scabbing and picking. We put various medicines on his face. Sometimes it’s worse than others.ReplyCancel

  • Anika - What a great idea! I love the photos and the story 🙂 Beautiful. I might have to do the same thing. One day…lolReplyCancel

  • b - super cute…and who says that?! i am so blown away at what people write i just had to comment….i can only hope that is a relative or someone you know…not that it makes it ok but atleast tou may know the tone behind such a rude commebt!ReplyCancel

  • Samantha - It’s extremely rude to ask “what is wrong with his face”. My little boy has hemangiomas all over his face and body, and we are constantly getting asked what is “wrong” with him or if he has chicken pox. It gets old!! I understand the curiosity, but people can be a little more gentle when questioning! Geez!

    He is absolutely precious and I LOVE this idea. You have inspired me! And kudos to you for having your hubby take over at the end – as much as I hate being on the other side of the camera, it really is important for us to have pictures with our kids as well!! I’m going to do this soon!ReplyCancel

  • Jenny - Thank you everyone, xoxo 🙂 No, I do not know “Kat”.ReplyCancel

  • Adrienne Scott - Jenny, this is fabulous, sweet, and will be such a treasure for you to have years from now. I’m so glad you took the time to do this. And, as always, amazing images that capture your sweet boy, and what your everyday life is like. I love it!!ReplyCancel

  • Jennifer Griffin Warthan - So, so very sweet and I loved seeing your day!ReplyCancel

  • angela king - these are precious. i love them. love the processing. he is adorbaly PERFECT eczema and all. 1/2 of my kiddos have eczema too so i feel your pain. super sweet set.ReplyCancel

  • Megan - Jenny, sweet friend. These are absolutely beautiful, these memories documented you will cherish forever. Make’s you really sit back and want to take time to document the little things that you do throughout the day with the special ones in your life. Beautiful images as always!!ReplyCancel

  • brandy - man! looks like a fun day! what a sweet thing!ReplyCancel

  • sara seeton - love this, jenny!ReplyCancel