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So, I have to just start off by saying that I am crazy shocked, yet super proud of myself for sticking to a New Year’s goal of blogging more personal/random/fun things here on my blog. If you know me at all, you know that goals & sticking to things is NOT my strong suit whatsoever.

One thing I haven’t been able to stick to however, partly because of the above mentioned goal…?, is taking large amounts of scheduled time away from my work.  Well, you see, that is so hard because my work and my life are are so intertwined, and maybe that’s okay.

Because that produces a day such as this one. We had a family day (my husband, toddler, and I) and ended up checking out some antique stores in Nashville after we learned that the flea market was only open once a month and NOT today (yes, I did ask said husband to check into this before we left, a story for another time…) Anyway, it worked out because I know I was meant to stumbled upon this gorgeous blanket.

Rose & cream, Herringbone, 100% wool, and huge!

I couldn’t believe the price tag ($25!) and snatched it up quickly before all two other people in the large antique mall could come within 50 feet of me.  She was so coming home with me and I’m so glad I have her.  Perfect for newborn sessions and other sessions as well, it’s going to be tough taking her from my house to the studio.  I found this cool magnifying glass at Anthropologie last week with the intention of handing it to some bug seeking children at an upcoming session, but I had to inspect my gorgeous new blanket with it. I had some fun with window light and the glass/reflections. So there you have it, not even able to go shopping without my work on my mind and I wouldn’t have it any other way.  Love finding treasures!

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