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I’m super excited to announce a new little piece of me, Girl Hearts Camera.  If you are a photographer and don’t yet know about this little (soon to be not so little!) gem here on the internet, please click over and check it out. (But finish reading this first!)

You see, when Heather, the founder of Girl Hearts Camera first came to me with her idea for the website I actually thought, “wow, that is pretty amazing, why don’t I ever think of things like that?”.

Then a few weeks ago she came to me with a product idea for Girl Hearts Camera and again, “That is GENIUS, why didn’t I think of that!?” Bummed it was not my idea, I went on my way encouraging and giving Heather my thoughts about said product.  Mainly because I knew I wanted to USE it ASAP! ha

In the meantime, Heather asked me to contribute a blog post every week, which I was happy to do.  Anything to be part of an organization like this, and I was on board!

But I was lucky enough that over one of our many lunch dates lately, Heather came to me with yet ANOTHER idea for Girl Hearts Camera.  You can read HER account of the story right here, but I like to think it went something like that as well.

I’m not sure who was more excited.  And I think for a couple days I wasn’t sure if she was for real.  I mean, how could she be offering this amazing opportunity to me?  I think the biggest part of any relationship, business or personal, stems from both parties highly respecting & loving each others’ strengths, ideas, and art and I am honored to say that I believe that is the case for Heather and me.  Over a few meetings, and many emails, since last week we have already thrown so many ideas, concepts, and thoughts into the universe that I cannot wait to see come to life over the next few weeks, months, and years.  You  won’t want to miss this!


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