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I’m a little bit behind on blogging, but I promise it is for good reasons! I have been feverishly working hard over at Girl Hearts Camera as we have some majorly exciting things almost ready to be announced, working on various client sessions & orders, and a little thing called spending last weekend teaching a workshop! My goal was to share a bunch of the images taken at the two workshop sessions, talk about it all, etc. (and I will still do that, but down the road when they are all ready), but I wanted to share an email I got a few days after the workshop ended.  There have been a variety of reviews out there, FB messages, and emails, but I cannot even begin to tell you how touching this particular one was for me.  Sometimes our goals are big.  Dreams seem out of reach.  But if I could make just one photographer feel like this, then I feel like I did my job at this workshop and it was so worth it.


I asked her if I could anonymously post it here because it touched me so much, I couldn’t keep it in.


Thank you so much for being so open with us. I had high hopes for the workshop, but I didn’t expect the changes that I feel I’m ready to make. Your workshop left me with two things: 1) a MUCH better understanding of light and 2) the inspiration to embrace whatever I love.

To say that I had an a-ha moment at Saturday night’s session would be an understatement. I have craved that soft, dreamy light for two years now…and had actually resorted to thinking it was just some action that people use. Yeah, well…that’s not true:) I get it. Finally. And it feels awesome.

  I just wanted to tell you how inspired I am…and not really about making money (although I hope that’s a side effect of what’s to come:)). I’m more inspired to focus on what I want and go get it. I’ve been measuring my success as a photographer in facebook likes, blog comments, and client bookings. Not the right way. It feels really good to know that.

So, seriously, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I’ve been going about this all wrong…time to make some changes:)

THANK YOU:) If you ever travel to “my state” (or anywhere close), sign me up for a family session. I saw that you had sessions lined up there, but that’s too far. I guess you won’t be passing through “my state” on your way either:(

I know you are overwhelmed with work, so you don’t have to reply. I just wanted you to know how moved I was/am/will be by your workshop.

Needless to say, I was a mess of happy tears and a full heart & I cannot wait for the Fall Workshop to come!

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