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I took my camera out this morning, but I was way too emotional to even pick it up.  So these, very old, images will have to do for now.

This morning we loaded my horse, Shadow, up into our friend Brad’s trailer and moved her to her new barn just a few miles down the road.  Unfortunately, just a short time ago we learned that our wonderful barn would be closing as Brad and his family are having to move to Georgia. There have been lots of tears and panic over the last few weeks, but mostly I have been in denial.

Today denial didn’t work. It was really happening.

When I got there I climbed into Shadow’s stall and sat on the ground and cried.  I thought this would be her forever home.  It is so hard to find the right barn to care for your animals, but after a few others in Nashville, we knew we’d found our home here.  I imagined Shadow growing old here, and eventually taking her last breaths here, Lucas learning to ride here, and many, many more times hanging out all together.  I thought back to the day over 2 years ago when I was very pregnant with Lucas and Brad took me and his trailer to go pick up Shadow from an awful barn we had her at for a short time (that nearly killed her).  He rescued her and made her healthy again and I will never forget how he cared for my horse as if she were his own and how he cared for a random, 9 months pregnant, stranger who had called him in a panic. Some of Lucas’s first outings were to this barn, worn in my Moby wrap, at just a few weeks old. It’s where he first got on a horse with Brad’s own daughter. It’s where I thought we’d be forever.

So through lots of tears, Shadow is tucked away in her new stall.  They will take care of her and I know we will enjoy going out there, but to say we will miss our old barn just doesn’t even cut it.

This is my favorite image I have taken out at Brad’s barn where I would sometimes bring clients.  Shadows stall was just to the right of them. 🙁

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