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So… another one of my goals for 2012 was to post more on my blog about photography, my work, my inspiration, and just my life in general.  So Thursday’s have become ‘before and after’ day, if you will.  I want to share these for two reasons.

1.  I think getting a good image straight out of camera (SOOC) is the key. I don’t believe in using editing software (I edit in both Lightroom and Photoshop CS5) to FIX an image.

that said…

2.  I love to edit.  I truly feel inspired and fall in love with my photography when I am processing a great image. It comes to life for me. And that is just what I try to do in Photoshop, make a great image ME.



So, a little bit about this image.  This was an instant favorite from this shoot. If you look at all of the images in that blog post you will notice that the light was very different even though we were in the exact same spot the entire time.  Camera angles, where I was standing, where they would move by 5 feet, etc. it all played a role in that gorgeous golden light I was after.  I say this to bring up the issue of white balance. I generally do NOT change my white balance once I begin shooting. I shoot RAW and I use Kelvin to set my white balance, so the right Kelvin temperature for the images w/ the sun in them made this one a bit too cool for my liking.  It needed some warmth, my signature haze, and a few other tweaks that I kept simple. I generally crop in camera and do as little in post processing as possible, but I did then crop the final image as well.

Learn more about my editing process here!

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