Nashville Vintage Wedding Photography | Vintage Junky, Spring Hill, TN

It all started with an email from a fellow photographer. How could I not know this amazing shoppe was right under my nose in my own small town? I’m pretty sure this is the only cool thing in our town, so I had to investigate.  I emailed Michelle from Vintage Junky and told her I just had to come in & couldn’t wait to meet the girl behind these treasures.

As soon as I did, I fell in love.  Do you ever just walk into a place and it feels like it was made for your? Thanks, Michelle, for making a store completely dedicated to things I want to have! ha Upon paying for my found treasures, I told her I would have to come back and snap a few pictures for fun. Sometimes a little personal project can come in all shapes and sizes and this was JUST what I needed.

Before I knew it, we had made arrangements for Michelle to redo my bedroom furniture and for me to take her family photos this Spring…with her vintage trailer, Hazel, included! Total excitement!

It is SO SO SO important for me to find amazing local shoppes and support them.  I promise, you do not want to miss out on a trip to Vintage Junky, so be sure to check out their website & blog, but for those of you reading who are not local, you can also shop for some of these items below on Etsy.

Michelle’s husband is the artist behind all of their custom chalkboard signs.  A must have for, oh, just about anything! And of course, they custom paint your items, so if Thanks for letting me poke around and shoot for a bit! 🙂

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