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I wasn’t going to post a blog like this this year, but one of the many facebook photography groups I am in begin having us all post our ONE favorite image of the year, and it made me pause during this busy time, both personally and professionally, to reflect on all of my favorites.

The only way to keep this mildly under control was to keep with the 12 and 2012 number theme and make myself stick to ONLY 12 images I loved.  Honestly, to say these are my 12 favorites is probably incorrect, and not fair to my other “babies” (yes, I am completely & emotionally attached to all of the images I take of you) and tomorrow I could probably choose a different 12 to share, or gosh, 12 from every single session, but for my own sanity I tried to choose quickly and with what came to mind first (why some of these are fairly recent I am sure as well, some of these sessions have yet to even be blogged).

If you are a client of mine, hopefully you have received my holiday card and gift to you this year by now, and as a few more begin to trickle in as I end the 2012 year here… I just want to, again, say thank you. Words I could type right here could never express my thankfulness, humbleness, and complete awe of all of your beautiful souls, inside & out. 

Happy Holidays & Here’s to 2013!

Enjoy this downtime with your beautiful families.

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