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You might notice this blog post today to be a tad different than the usual gorgeous mamas, babies, families, and brides I feature here.  Today, though, I am sharing a baby of mine.

For those of you who do not know, I am one half of the partnership of Girl Hearts Camera, which was created by photographers for fellow photographers.  I am currently scheduling all of my mentoring and workshops through Girl Hearts Camera!  When my business partner, Heather Manor, came to me earlier in the year with this concept, I nearly jumped her.  I don’t know about all of you other photographers out there (well, that’s not true, judging from the response over the past few days, you all feel the same as me!) but there just has not been a planner out there that was conducive to my workflow as a working photographer. I cannot tell you how many calendars/planners I’ve purchased since beginning my business years ago, many never made it past the first month and others I simply “made do” with.  There was nothing wrong with them at all, they just did nothing for my workflow and thought process as a photographer.  I specifically wanted a planner where each month was packaged with the coinciding weeks leaving room for extra notes, etc. all around that month.

Turns out, in the months Heather and I worked to design our planner, we got to call the shots and make that happen! We also got to make so many other things happen (which you can see many more details in the link at the top of this post) that have me so excited for our planner.  I am totally using a prototype right now because I just could not wait until August when it officially starts.

One of my favorite parts of the planner is actually our packaging.  Heather and over saw and designed everything when it came to the planner and I eagerly jumped into packaging right away.  It all began with Heather’s frequent use of the word “be” at Girl Hearts Camera.  I have been in love with an organic looking bee form for some time now, stemming from my son’s 1st birthday celebration and then a while later finding the cutest shop ever in New Orleans called Tupelo Honey.  I have carried around their business card in my wallet ever since that trip nearly 2 years ago and pulled it out to show Heather a few months ago. I knew right away that we had to have our very own bee drawn and created in a wax seal for us.

I am sharing this here because I am so proud.  I am proud that Heather and I saw a need in the industry and made it happen.  We made it happen in America, not China, which is also really important to me as someone who supports local, handmade items as much as possible.  I’m proud because I truly believe we can help fellow photographers. And I am proud because numerous long nights, long meetings, long phone calls, and struggles have finally come to fruition with the announcement of The Photographer’s Planner. One of my very favorite parts of The Photographer’s Planner are the client workflow pages.  Such a simple and helpful way to keep track of the numerous steps I go through with each and every client session!

Thank you for allowing me to share here & thank you Heather for taking this incredible journey together!

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